Who am I?

I've always been someone who loves connecting with people, but I didn't always fit in. Someone who broke the mould, but found acceptance from his peers by laughter. Growing up in small town Canada with Pakistani refugee parents required the ability to understand numerous forms of truth in human nature. Thankfully, through writing and performing sketch comedy in the Second City Conservatory, I've found an outlet for honest and razor sharp commentaries on race, religion, relationships and a multitude of other words beginning with R. It has served as an excellent base for my dramatic acting work where I have extensively trained in the Strasberg Method technique with Sophie Ann Rooney at RAW studios in Toronto. I hope to demonstrate a different side of the Muslim experience to the US market, portraying an Alpha image while buying into the idea of "Post Multiculturalism", where people can appreciate me as a confident leading man, and not just for my racial group.