Shawn Noaman

Represented by Liz Fuller at Electra Star Talent (Los Angeles)  Maggie Dunlop at Oldfield Talent Management (Toronto)
Height: 6’1”
Hair: Black
Weight: 200 lbs
Eyes: Green



Kavod                                                              Commander               York University/Tamara Moos

FIGHT!                                                             Bookie                         EnPointe Creative/Jason Lupish



Stage Monkeys  (Pre Production)                 Shawn                         Shawn Noaman/Steve Puhach

See No Evil                                                      Cop                              SNE Productions/Gareth Johnson



AirSNL - Webseries                                        Shawn                        Shawn Noaman

Dating a British Woman                                 Man                             Dating Beyond Borders/Marina Iakovleva

Dropping out Infomercial                               Host                            Straight Outta YorkU/Emmanuel McBride

I Never Knew You Hadn’t… Done It                Shawn                        Shawn Noaman/Mark Nguyen



25 to Life Without Payroll              Second City Mainstage               Alessandra Vite

Second City Archive Show             Second City Mainstage               Connor Thompson

Second City Conservatory              John Candy Box Theatre            Ken Hall   

Industry Showcase                         Rooney Actor's Workshop         Sophie Ann Rooney

Stand Up Comedy                           Absolute Comedy                       Jim McAleese

Improv                                              Comedy Bar

Improv                                              Bad Dog Theatre

Improv                                              The Social Capital Theatre



Second City Conservatory                                      Connor Thompson, Ashley Botting, Alessandra Vite

Lewis Baumander Acting Studio: Dialects           Joy Juckes

Rooney Actor's Workshop: Masterclass               Sophie Ann Rooney

Rooney Actor’s Workshop: Scene Study               Sophie Ann Rooney

Rooney Actor’s Workshop: Comedy                      Scott Cavalheiro, Claire Stollery

Second City: Comedy Writing A, B                         Paul Bellini

Second City: Improv A, B, C, D                                Ken Hall, Lisa Merchant, Ed Sahely, Nigel Downer

Second City: Stand Up                                            Jim McAleese

Brock University                                                       Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (2013)


Top 25 Finalist: Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Pitch Contest (Just for Laughs 2016)

Character Dialects: British, Indian/Pakistani, Mexican, Deep South, Scottish
Hosting Skills: YouTube/New Media videos, Improv shows, Red Carpets (TIFF 2016)

Second Language Skills: Urdu/Hindi (fluent) French, Spanish, Korean (basic)
G License Driver, Serving/Bartending Skills, Basketball player in high school, weight lifting, ESL teaching Education: Brock University Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (2013)